Random Foliage Color

I want to spawn foliage actors using the foliage paint tool in order to take advantage of the instancing, but I want these actors to have completely random colors in the full RGB range.

PerInstanceRandom seems to only be able to produce one random float value, even if you create a new node. They seem to be basically sharing the same parameter value and just linked for organizational purposes only. So I get basically different shades of red or something.

I can easily do this in blueprints, but then I lose the instancing and ability to paint as foliage. I also tried a world aligned texture using a rainbow gradient but that doesn’t solidify the colors to each object, rather it’s varying on each object’s surface.

Is there a method for me to accomplish this in the materials for use with foliage painting? I need to guarantee that each mesh has one tone throughout.

Thanks for any advice.

Never mind, I simplified the approach and it works as I like.