Random Color Hair Strands?


From the Paragon character stream:

As was explained in the stream, artists used 3DS Max to output a texture of the hair with each strand having a random greyscale value. I am finding it extraordinary difficult to do this. I use Hair and Fur with a VRay material and a VRayHairInfoTex node set to “random per strand index”, but that doesn’t work. Can we get any insight on how this was done for Paragon, or alternatively, if someone else knows a different way of doing this?

Thanks in advance!

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Damir H.

There’s definitely a way to do it with the Vray hair material, though I know it’s very easy to do with the default 3ds Max hair modifier, there’s a setting there for value variation so you could just render it that way. You might want to use the default hair modifier stuff with the scanline renderer rather than Vray since it can look good and it doesn’t need the things the extra features that Vray provides for hair, since you’re just rendering hair by itself.

I’ve tried the default stuff too but I couldn’t get it to look proper. There’s root and tip color and “value variation” which does vary the color but only very slightly. Did you mean something else?

value variation should change it quite a bit

I set the root and tip colors to white and crank up the value variation to 100. This does not make it vary from black to white. It’s white - slightly less white.