Random color distribution on a tile material

So I am working on a hospital room, and right now I’m trying to get the floor tiling correct. This is what I have so far (thanks to a few tutorials). Based on a random noise generator, each UV tile will receive a slight darkening effect and a random rotation snap of 90°.
Current material
But right now, I’m struggling to wrap my head around randomly distributing a pool of colors across the tiles, to I’d estimate 1/5 tiles. I have the specific colors set up that I’d like to distribute. For reference, here’s what the actual room looks like.
Guys, I am not a material or blueprinting guru (yet) so I was hoping to get some advice on how to distribute this pool of colors randomly.

I don’t even know how much sense this makes, but I came up with this:

( it’s only the bottom part that matters ). Basically I’m using that texture with a tile missing to randomly hue the color. The rest is the same as your material.


The colored tiles, in fact, have not inherited the roughness or texture from the albedo, so that still needs work. But the new texture is the crucial think I think…