Random blue light after build

For the past year we have had this light appear, dissapear, change colour and size, but has become a larger problem as of late.
After i build lighting i get this blue light that has no source. I have deleted all lights, post processing and sky lights in the scene but it still appears after building lighting. The light is ony localised to this area and does not affect any other objects out this small area. The objects used in this scene are used through out our game yet does not have this blue light.

The brightest point appears to be at the 0,0,0 point in the world. Disabling Global illumination in editor removes the blue light but this is not a fix for in game.

Any object placed in the area of light gets lit and stays litt no matter wher you move it

I have also deleted the intermediate and saved files and rebuilt the lighting but it still appears.