Random and frequent crashes with 4.15

I love the speed of 4.15 compared to other versions ever since upgrading to Windows 10. However I converted my project from 4.14.3 where beside the lag the editor had in Windows 10 was stable. Now it seems when I either try to put up a Reflection Capture (Sphere or Box) it will randomly crash or when I am working with PBR Mats and or Deferred Decals. The last couple days the engine has crashed between 15-20 times since updating/converting and it’s only when working on certain maps from when the project version was 4.14.3. Never has this problem really before besides stability crashes before hotfixes came out. I can show a screenshot of the map/scene I am trying to work on.

Mainly wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if something just went weird on when the project converted to 4.15. I have the mats/chars backed up so it would be more of redownloading assets from MarketPlace if I have to start over though if I can avoid that I would prefer it.

Nothing special with the scene, hollowed box, two chars using Substance based textures.and decals redone and simplified via Substance Player and a custom UE4 loadout from GameTextures.com.

Thank you Stephen I was hoping it was not just a problem with my project or if it was an actual bug. I guess until the 4.15.1 hotfix I’ll wait using Reflection Captures. Thank you for the quick reply and info to the issue that seems to be effecting me.

Hi Keiyentai.

I did some digging and found your crash reports. You seem to be hitting this:

The good news is that this should be fixed in the upcoming 4.15.1 Hotfix. Stay tuned!


It seems that some users are still experiencing this crash in 4.15.1, so the fix may not have resolved the issue globally.

I hope that your case is resolved, but if not, keep an eye on the linked Jira to watch its status.