Rainbow circles texture

Hey. I can’t figure it out, look at these circles. What it is, where they came from and how to remove them. Help please.


I realize that I probably made a stupid mistake because of carelessness.

This is due to texture compression or quality loss

  1. You can try using different compression methods like UserInterface2D (R8G8B8A8) (make sure to have the source files in the original imported directory to be able to see changes)
  2. Using other file format, like TGA or PSD (even tough UE4 converts TGA to PNG in the end, but i noticed some PNGs issues that actually imported fine when using TGA instead)
  3. Make sure you didn’t exported the image with lower bit depth. Bit depth defines how much data is used to represent the image 8 bits per channel is the standard (24/32 bits in total for “no alpha”/“with alpha”)

But still, you might not expect that much image quality, unless using a FloatRGBA as format “HDR Compressed”, that wont even import properly using PNG or TGA, only using .EXR

P.S.: there’s also “texture dithering” technique to make the texture have more “smoother” gradients.

I love you. Thanks.