Rain storm

I saw this video online… UE4 - Storm test - YouTube

How can we make something that looks this good? Im particularly interested in the particles for rain and mist…as well as shaders on everything… Any tutorial ive ever seen for UE4 online for rain looks horrible. But this video looks real.

It is not the particles, its everything else in that scene, the lighting, frame composition and extreme animation on trees and props and wires that sell the wind effect, the particles are the least bit if you isolate them. You have gpu rain particles with highlights, you have mist (you could easily use the ones from sample to achieve something similar with a few tweaks) and random mesh particles spawning and rotating.

  • Some people mentioned in the comments section “Why haven’t we seen effects like these in AAA games”, the answer is simple: talent, imagination and strong direction are not strong points in most AAA games these days.

You’re ■■■■ right mister! Claps!

give me an example of the rain drop particles… every other tutorial the rain drops themselves look like ****… Not to mention I want to know whats happening on the ground in the scene… ground shader? waves of particles?.. I mean even epics own examples that they give away that have rain look like ■■■■ in comparison.

What rain drop particles? Do you mean the fast moving gpu particles with occasional highlights in the air?

As for the ground its way too dark to really see what is happening, but the illusion is sold by lots of moving little debris on the ground as well as a reflective ripple shader coat, and the mist particle effect intersecting the ground with a gradient giving the illusion of moving tiny water particles, I think there may be some particle tiny ripple effect done through shader. If you want to take it a step further I would bake one Alembic mesh sim of particles splashing with wind from 3d package and import them as scattered particles with random rotation varioation on the ground to sell the effect further but that’s overkill.

You wont see anything this good in Epic examples because Epic is not trying to make a product like this, they are just average examples and again it is mostly the lighting and composition selling this scene, he is also using Vico dynamics for the wires, I thought he prebaked those but could work both ways. It is all about cheating and making a scene work, If you break it down in full lit daylight (if it is ever posted ) perhaps you will see what I mean.

Have you considered approaching the author and kindly asking for a breakdown instead?

And performance metrics, I imagine the overdraw on the rain particles here could be killer. That gives the impression of a ton of fully lit particles to throw around.

Per Author’s Comments in the Storm Test Video requires: Unreal Engine 4.23 - Speedtree- Substance Designer (Sorry, no audio) UE4 Plugins : - VICODynamics by VICO Game Studio LLC - Custom Lens Flare VFX by Artyom Cheremisin. I recommend you acquire and advise you possess these tools prior to requesting a breakdown.

thats not a problem. But the author doesn’t respond to questions.

Yep, sorry about that.

I would certainly do a little “breakdown” of the scene … when I get to find some time to do it.

You can check this for the rain material, it’s basically the same thing :…46#post1437446
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But William K is right, it’s the combination of all the effects that make it work.

Thank you very much ! I will check this out, but yea seriously id pay good moeny to have access to that storm scene. I want my game to be having a typhoon or hurricane during the game… and it would look great for cinematic reasons :slight_smile:

Do you have any examples of the particles themselves? not just the shader they use? Would love to have the ground splashes and the rain drops settings :slight_smile: