Rain particle

I made this effect;

But,it doesn’t good.

I need splash effect,I can’t saw any tutorial for this effect.

(Like this:

I know,it’s hard to make but I have long time to do it)

Can you send(or write a reply,I don’t now :smiley: ) me a tutorial?

Sorry for my english,thanks.

Can anyone help me,please?

There was a live stream talking about particle systems.
You may be able to use a collision module to detect collision and then place/spawn a splash emitter there.


I wouldn’t really use collisions because they are costly, I would just spawn them in a radius, However i think his problem is material and texture related yes?

Usually you can separate rain drops and splashes. Eye can’t catch single rain drop and follow it’s path perfectly.

But,if I don’t use collisions,particles are not stopping on ground and passes the ground(or objects)

I will read it after the school,thanks