Ragdoll To Standing Finally Working :D

That looks sick man!

Simply beautiful. I love that animation work.

This is awesome.

Thanks! Means a lot :smiley:

Amazing work!

Wow that’s awesome

Can you post a screenshot of your ragdoll (physics assets)?

Keep up the awesome work man!


Sandbox - Unreal Editor 2_14_2016 11_08_25 AM.jpg

I tried to keep it as simple as possible. For example I only allow rotation on the main parts, so I dont have any rotation on the ankles or wrists. This gives the ragdoll a more solid feel. I also was messing around with the angular motors, so parts of the ragdoll were stiff. I also have a rigid body on the Reference (or Root) joint, and set the hip joints linear constraints to free. This allows me to change the physics blend weights on the ragdoll without any spinning.

Great job KingTumtum. Big thumbs up to you!Btw, your in-box is full hehe. Can’t reply to you :wink:

Lovely stuff, a real joy to watch!
Are you planning on releasing this? Or maybe a tutorial on how you achieved this?

I’d also love to see a tutorial for how to set this up.

Your inbox is full man.
And thanks for sharing !

Hey thanks for the heads up! And no problem.

For viability the falling could only occur when enough force is applied to the player. Landscape or architecture could be ignored via a terrain collision channel.

Yeah I was thinking of doing something like that. Is it possible for a player to apply force to another player by walking into them so that the other player moves?

You could do a “On Even Hit”, with generate hit events for both involved actors enabled, and then maybe add an impulse (Impulse node). Not sure if this would be the best way, but i would try this.

Currently watching Black Desert streams, and in that game when you overlap a NPC the NPC plays a react animation. But something like this would be even nicer with some physics.

Well…Bad news…I opened my project, and my Blueprint is gone…It just vanished. So all of my work is gone. I dont know how or why it happened…so. Yup.

Oh sorry to hear that. Any backups/autosave?