Ragdoll issues on AI

Hi there,

So I have managed to get my damage calculation working on an AI, and when it reaches zero it will simulate physics and drops nicely to the floor. However, there are two issues.

1> The capsule component keeps on moving, it has detached from the mesh and should not be active. I want it to essentially be as dead as the guy is! I currently wait 5 seconds and then dlete the actor and all components at the moment, but I shouldn’t have to do that. I read that if I change from Simulate Physics to Set all Bodies Below Simulate Physics and target the root bone it would stop this behaviour but I have set it up as I thought it should be (and several other tries not shown on the picture) and the way it is set up now sends the AI guy into a mental ‘fly around the room crazily’ behaviour. If I target a bone lower down the hierarchy like the Pelvis, I just get all his body going limp but he still moves etc, as if he’s hung on a hook and floating around! Any ideas?

2> I ideally want to apply an impulse at the location of impact when he goes to ragdoll, to simulate the velocity of the bullet and on which bone on the killing shot. I tried several ways and I get nothing. I am calculating my damage not on a projectile but on the AI guy’s blueprint.
Any ideas on this please?


I went out for the day and hoped someone would have taken pity on me!?

This is such a common thing to have in games and yet there’s tons of people asking the questions and no answers?

I’ve had the same issue (ghost capsule chasing me around!) and did the same thing to get around it. I’m thinking we need to have a ‘is dead’ branch before all movement logic, which we can turn on upon death. This, along with destroying the capsule might be enough.