RadiantUI GUI Plugin For UE4 - Progress / Demo Video

The RadiantSDK beta version has officially been released. Visit to see the tutorials and buy the SDK.

$99 - Single User License, Source code is included.
$1999 - Site License, Source code is included.

NOTE: All future version and upgrades are included in the one-time purchase price. Buy it once and get all future updates.

Key Features:

  • Render HTML/CSS/JavaScript to any surface/material in the game.
  • No C++ coding required, everything is done through blueprints and components.
  • Automatic Input handling: Walk up to any WebActor and use the mouse and keyboard automatically (Doom3 style interfaces).
  • Supports non-flat surfaces: You can map a WebActor onto any mesh and still interact with it (Curved computer screens etc).
  • Networked gameplay support: Multiple players can interact with the same WebActor and see the same output.

Thanks for watching!

Looking good, I hope you include source and sell it at a reasonable price. If so, I’ll definitely buy, I’ve been after a webkit solution for a while and can’t be bothered wrangling one myself :slight_smile:

Can’t see any UI here actually.

zoombapup, there are HTML-based UIs available already. ufna’s WebUI plugin or if you’re willing to spend money on stuff like that - Coherent UI.

Yeah it will be priced very affordably.

Yeah, I’m aware. I just dont want the QT based solution (which Ufna’s uses) and I don’t like the Coherent pricing model (subscription for a middleware library? whaaat?). What I’m seeing here is that its a CEF based library, so could release source (useful in case I need other platforms) and might have a rational pricing structure (i.e. asks for a reasonable sum for the work involved).

But we’ll have to wait and see how it pans out. I’d love to use web UI for certain aspects of UI though (mainly to do with complex scrollable lists like RPG inventories and the like).

Oh boy, another HTML5 UI solution… getting spoilt for choice here.

I’m (hopefully) adding some unique value by focusing on good integration with gameplay. I also handle input and mouse interaction on arbitrary surfaces and support replication for interaction which I demonstrate briefly. I’m not sure to the extent that ufna’s plugin supports that but I’m pretty sure Coherent doesn’t.

The thing that I’m struggling with with the other solutions available, is getting the interaction between player and UI to work well. Right now, its all pretty obfuscated in code, and I’m not a C++ person, so getting it to work is proving almost impossible for me right now. Having it all be obvious, in a plugin form that I can drop into any project, access through blueprints and not need to compile in any meaningful way would make something like this stand out to me.

Exactly this is one of the goals: no c++ code required. The demo video was done with no C++ programming.

Sounds good to me, looking forward to a release!

This is completely amazing! Just started looking at HTML5 UI stuff today and am so happy to find projects like this that look so promising! If you might indulge me an answer: What WYSIWYG editor would you suggest for creating HUD… components, i guess you would call them. (I know absolutely nothing about coding in any language). Specifically an editor that can have videos with alpha integrated (so as to have cool effects on certain parts of the HUD) :smiley:

Oh, and this is definately going onto the Mega Collection when I next update it

Adobe Edge Animate is supposedly a good option for building HTML5 HUD widgets. I’ve used it a bit, and its pretty similar to Flash. You could also use Flash Pro, and the Swiffy plugin from Google which converts SWFs to HTML5 documents.

Love the name BTW, The discworld, and Guards Guards and just the night watch in general are some of my favorites books and characters of all time.

Hey ,

Any updates on the release time frame?

Hey !

This looks absolutely awesome! Do you think you could put together a couple videos of the plugin being used for menus? Also, will this be subscription-based or one time purchase? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey ,

Any updates on the release time frame?


Probably a week or so, I need to do some final work and get a website up for it (blarg I hate that!).

One time no-nonsense purchase. I’m not settled on a price yet, and there might be a tier for source access that is more expensive but I haven’t decided on that exactly. No subscriptions though. One time purchase = all future versions.

I made this last video last night, it’s the sample level that will come with the SDK.

Here’s the original, and longer progress video for those that want to see it (it used to be in the opening post).

This looks excellent. Assuming that it’s reasonably priced, I’m in!

Good to know! Can’t wait for the first release. This is exactly what I was looking for. You, sir, have a another customer. :smiley:

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