RadiantUI GUI Plugin For UE4 - Progress / Demo Video

This looks amazing, great work!

Thanks for the Update!

This is friggin awesome. I’m totally buying this and putting a web browser in my FPS multiplayer game on the computers - let people get distracted and shot!

So amazing, great work mate!

I would be interested in source access over just a compiled plug-in if that helps to push your decision. :slight_smile:

  • Dave

RadiantSDK Beta Released

The RadiantSDK beta version has officially been released. Visit http://radiantsdk.com to see the tutorials and buy the SDK.

$99 - Single User License, Source code is included.
$1999 - Site License, Source code is included.

NOTE: All future version and upgrades are included in the one-time purchase price. Buy it once and get all future updates.

Purchased and downloaded! I can confirm it is as awesome and easy to use as you see in the videos. Amazing work my friend :slight_smile:

Wow! Looking really impressive.

Amazing! I love it.

impressive! I didn’t know that ue4 made possible this great work!! My hat is off my head sir! wow

Is the issue with packaging fixed?!

What issue?

So we can make a html5 game, add this, and browse the web from a browser in a game running in a browser :smiley: What a time to be alive.

Every time I put a WebView actor in a level, this happens:


Also, when the game is set to pause; is there a way to stop teh WebView?
Pause seems to do nothing, have to hunt down every WebView actor and make each load a blank webpage to make it stop playing a video for example.

Sorry for the late reply my email notifications must have been wonky I never saw this post :frowning:

That’s correct the webview’s run independently of world time, pausing does have to be supported as a custom thing particular to whatever you are doing.

What about those warnings? Can’t be fixed?