Radiant Entertainment Presents Fighting Game Rising Thunder! Aug 6 - Live from Epic HQ

At EVO this year, Radiant Entertainment announced their upcoming fighting game “Rising Thunder”, built on the Unreal Engine, and Project Lead Seth Killian and Programming Lead Brock Feldman are joining us on the livestream this week to tell us all about the game, it’s development, and what to expect next. We couldn’t be more excited to get to chat with Radiant about this awesome looking title being built by this group of long-time expects in the fighting genre. All this and your weekly dose of engine news, community spotlight, and more heading your way this Thursday.


Thursday, Aug 6 @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Community Manager, Epic Games - @iveytron](
Alexander Paschall - Engine Support Technician, Epic Games - @UnrealAlexander](
Seth Killian - Project Lead, Radiant Entertainment - @sethkillian](
Brock Feldman - Programming Lead, Radiant Entertainment - @ahozaru](

Edit: The YouTube archive is now available here](Rising Thunder by Radiant Entertainment | Developer Interview | Unreal Engine - YouTube)

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