Radial Damage not being replicated

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to do an explosive barrel mechanic and the idea is that it replicates to all near actors that have been “touched” by the explosion radius.

I’ve created a multicast event to reply the health value of the player and two more events to replicate the apply radial damage (images below).

The wierd part that I’m getting is that sometimes it replicates and sometimes it doesn’t, it’s totally random. The event is triggered by linetrace.

Any ideas?


I guess you should not do that in RPC Multicasts. just run your applyDamage on the server (it is a serverOnly event), and adjust there your replicated variables. The clients will receive a copy of the new replicated Value and can react on them. if you want more controll, use repNotify, with this you could react clientside with logic when the variables change on the server.