Radial Damage not being replicated

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to do an explosive barrel mechanic and the idea is that it replicates to all clients and damage them.

I’ve created a multicast event to replicate the health value of the players and two more events to replicate the radial damage (images below).

The wierd part that I’m getting is that sometimes it replicates and sometimes it doesn’t, it’s totally random. Sometimes I need to trigger the event 3/4 times to actually work and other times it works at first try. The event is triggered by a linetrace hit.

Edit: All this code is made on the Player blueprint.

Any ideas?



You need to apply damage on “Server custom event” (not multicast) and also check “Reliable” option.
About health, you can use RepNotify (and reduce it also on the server, not Multicast).
Note: Event RadialDamage is triggered only on the server, so you can put all logic there.