Rade Dynamic Shooter Template

haven’t had time since we got hammered with training tests, hopefully i’ll give it a go tomorrow, but can’t promise atm

01.23.2016 treid the above and failed, most likely because i’m using the launcher version, not going to waste time/space on the github version as i can’t code so tbh not much use to me if theres not a simple way to change the project/output name.

@vagen might be an idea to make this project a plug-in that why people could just add it to their own projects, not sure if that would work due to dependenceis like the game instance but its an idea

Tried your steps for setting up the project with a different name. Ended up making it load and build fine but once I got into the ue editor all the BPs were broken. I assume due to the name change.

hey justin654 are you using the github or the launcher version of the engine , just so i can clear that up thanks.

Hello everyone. I am really sorry for not updating the status.

I am currently working on Block Constructor plugin which will contain the features of “constructor weapon”.

I think I will try it out later on. It will more likely fix the issue that happened with broken blueprint after project renaming.

But I am not sure how it will work with all the content that has already been created.

Well anyway I am currently fixing a list of bugs so expect and update within a week or so.


this template looks promising, but i cant start test level. im build game with vs2015, open at ue4, i see all models, prefabs, bp, but game start without any menus at screen, without weapons at center of the map and i cant even move.
any chances to fix this?


I will release the update with fixes in few days. Sorry.

This problem occurs because the player start is too low. Move it up a bit and it will solve the issue.

Good Luck.

thanks a lot! your work is great.

First batch of updates and fixes.

New Features:

  • AI Behavior Restructure. Now enemies search players more efficiently. Enemies find only players that are in specific direction (Blind angle behind. You can set how wide that angle is). Enemies switch to closer player. In Behavioral tree you can tweak the values.

  • UI Restructure. More optimized, independent and “pretty”.


  • No Character pawn on game start fixed. (Already wrote about it in previous post)
  • Animation replication fixed.
  • Incorrect character color on server fixed
  • few minor fixes (forgot what exactly… sry )

Known issues:

  1. On dedicated server sword weapon collision box does not always overlap character…
  2. Launcher weapon projectile stuck in air. Replicated exactly the same class in BP and it had no issues. Some kind of problem with projectile movement component.
    Like WTF … Still looking into it.

Please report bug if you find them.

Thanks in advance.

Guys Here is the new project I made:

Block Constructor Plugin.

Keep pushing out content like this and I am sure someone will end up hiring you, this stuff is amazing. If I could afford to I’d hire you myself. I’m really looking forward to seeing what else you create and share with the community. Keep up the great work @Vagen!!

Kind Regards,

Thanks a lot Patrick.

I will do my best. :slight_smile:

Option Manager Added. Now you can change VIDEO] , AUDIO] and INPUT] options.

Config management added. Get/Set INT],FLOAT],VECTOR],ROTATOR],COLOR] from any file in config folder.

Helped me understand animation blueprints a bit more, thanks!

Hi Vagen

**Only a Funny N◕‿ ◕****b question!
How I compile your template and Unreal Engine Source Code?

I have to compiling the Unreal Engine Source Code with Rade Master template merged into?

Or both are two separate things? After compiled Unreal Engine Source Code I must compile the Rade-master separately?



Hi lunyBunny.

I am sorry for late reply (was reinstalling OS)

Here is the basic guideline:

  1. So the first thing you need to do is download Unreal Engine Source.

  2. Then you need to initialise and update the engine .
    Run setup.bat
    After the setup and download of the parts finishes run GenerateProjectFiles.bat

  3. Download and Install Visual studio 2015 community

  4. Compile Unreal Engine.
    open UE.sln in the UnrealEngine folder. After that press Build -> Build Solution, which is on top bar (or just press F7)

  5. Open Unreal Engine . (UnrealEngine/Engine/Binaries/Win64/UE4Editor.exe) then select the Rade.uproject.
    It must Rebuild it automatically.

If step 5 fails

Right click Rade.uproject -> Generate Project Solution (I don’t remember the exact name)
Open Rade.sln and Build-> Build Solution.
After it finishes open Rade.uproject.

It should work.

If you will encounter any problems or issue please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Good Luck

hey I did everything but my character cant jump or shoot


A bit more context please.

I am not sure, but maybe you changed something in config files…

Does mouse rotation work? Can you walk around? Can you open inventory or pickup stuff?

Or maybe you entered chat mode … the button for that is " U " .

To be frank this error/issue is quite unexpected.

If the problem still persists I am here,

well I have engine source also done with visual studio, my engine is already compiled, rebuild project everything is fine chat, pickup , u or t key but shooting and jump is doesnt work

Thanks Vagen

Now I understand. I can do it !!!
。◕‿ ◕。


This is quite unexpected.

So lets debug the problem.

Add blueprint events for fire and jump in character blueprint and print out something on each event to check if the input actually happens.

Also maybe the problem is cause by my latest update in /Config/DefaultInput.ini

Please open it and delete all the empty lines between :


If it still won’t work than I will need to re-test whole project and update the github version again.

Please post the updates as soon as you can.