Rade Dynamic Shooter Template


This template was made for three types of users:

  • Artist. Who want to import and use their assets without the need to configure or code at all.

  • Blueprint developers. Who don’t want to structure everything. They can configure and extend the already existing framework and implement the unique features of their projects.

  • C++ developers. Who want to prototype or create projects without the need to start from zero.


First and Third Person Camera System



Character System
Internally managed events system of: Pickup, Death, Revive and many more.
(Save/Load Inventory option available) (Default Items List available)




Animation System
4 Animation Archetypes – Bare Hand, Hand-Gun, Semi-Auto, Rifle.
41 custom arms animation


Item,Pickup and Inventory System



Weapon System
- Rifle Weapon
Simple Single LineTrace Weapon: Pistol, Rifle, etc.
- Shotgun Weapon
Multiple LineTrace Weapon Weapon: Shotgun.
- Launcher Weapon
Launches Projectile.
- Constructor Weapon
Minecraft Simulation. Spawns block class Actor into a Grid. (Save/Load option available)


HUD System
Internal Events that includes fast access, control or modification to data about player, inventory, weapon and many more.

Option System
Blueprint functions to control and change **[video] **, **[Audio] **and **Input] **settings.


Config Control System
Internal functions to manage any ini files in Config folder. Get/Set **INT, FLOAT, VECTOR, ROTATOR, COLOR.




** Dynamic Online Network System**
- Easy Host and Search System.
- High Score Window.
**- Chat Window **
Dynamic Replication of Systems.


** All the systems were designed to work in both single player and multiplayer mode .**

Additional Features:

  • Melee Enemy (Sword). With fully working behavioral tree. + Enemy Spawner (Spawn Enemy of Class).
  • Set of open source icons.
  • Unreal Engine Starter Animation Pack (Animation Starter Pack in Epic Content - UE Marketplace)
  • Set of New and Modified animations for First and Third Person Mesh.

WASD - Movement
Left Mouse Button - Fire - Main Fire of Weapon
Right Mouse Button - AltFire - Alternative Fire of weapon
**E **- Action - Pickup Item, Use Item, Equip Weapon.
**T **- Toggle Inventory - Toggles Inventory Visibility.
**Q **- AltAction - Alternative Action With item
**R **- Reload - Reload Weapon
**F **- FAction - Drop Item
**TAB **- Switch Camera Type
**Spacebar **- Jump/DoubleJump
**U **- Enter Chat window

The Template is fully working and ready for any modification. Everything was made in a way for easy and fast iteration and modification.


Source on GitHub ( Source build for 4.11.0)**

Requires Unreal Engine Source.**

Videos are a bit outdated.
[SIZE=5]Please comment if you need a new tutorial and what do you want it to contain.[/SIZE]


General System/Framework Overivew

If you have any question, suggestions or problems please do not hesitate to contact me.



Project Source is fully documented. I will make a github wiki as soon as possible

Known issues:**

  • On dedicated server sword weapon collision box does not always overlap character.
  • Launcher weapon projectile stuck in air.

Please report any issues found.

Guys I totally forgot to mention future features and goals. Thanks again Superunknown_II

Future game modes with maps:

Bloodbath - Everyone for themselves. You select your own color.

Team Bloodbath - Join or create your own team with specific color.

Kings of mountain - Everyone defends a single point against Zombies (Melee Enemies). Mode ends with timer or last player dead.

Future features:

  • Advanced Enemy types, Ranged Enemies, With any weapon, Unique enemies (Mini bosses), etc

  • AI Companions/Followers . AI running around with you attacking other AI’s or following specific order (Defend, Patrol, Attack, Scout)

  • Pickup from Chest/Dead Body/Sacks.

  • Speed dependent on inventory weight. (With weight limit)

  • Auras - Move Speed, Attack Speed, Attack Damage, Jump Height, Max Health etc.

  • RPG stat elements (Similar to auras but permanent): STR, AGI,CON, etc . Levels and Exp. Critical chance. Miss Chance. And many more.

Write/Comment what other features can be needed or you want.

I am currently working on other 2 project so I am not sure when I will add this features.

But know one thing: I am always working. Even when you don’t see updates out for several weeks.

Future/Current projects (Will also be released for free):

**Rage Racing **- Dynamic Template for Mobile Racing. Something similar to Flatout, Crash Team Racing , Mario Cart but with all elements that are present in this template (Inventory, Weapons, Multiplayer Sessions). Already Tested and running quite fine one several android tablets.


BlockConstructor Plugin **- (Think of Minecraft). Generate terrains from heightmap. Edit and create static and dynamic savable worlds with simple and efficient designed menus, buttons, windows and controls.


Gosh Darn, this is what I was looking for, thanks a lot.


Well this is truly insane, what a gift!

Before someone else asks what is the license for your work? Can it be used commercially with credit being given etc? I couldn’t find a license file in the Github.

The fact its all multiplayer is a really nice thing too!

I strongly recommend anyone that would have purchased this off the Marketplace to donate a few coins for this.

You are an inspiration, thanks!


You can use it commercially and non-commercially.

I am currently adding Apache license.

I would really appreciate if you would credit me somewhere in the project or link this template, but that is not mandatory.

Thanks Again

Holly cow. Amazing work !!

Giff this man a job pls.

Oh wow man, you just blew the Generic shooter template out of the water. This stuffs great :smiley: can you give us a 4.10 compiled build as well? I kinda hate most of the stuff on the market place, as their is hardly any stuff thats worth the price, most of it is fast or poorly done jobs and they expect 60$+ for a 15$ job.

Thanks man.

Several people have asked me to recompile the project for 4.8, 4.9 and 4.10 but the result is still recognized as “different” version, and it ask it recompile the project with engine source.

The version on GitHub is 4.10.1.

I would strongly recommend anyone downloading to recompile it with their version.

I can guarantee that it will work from 4.7 - 4.10

very NICE thanks…


i need UE4 source to recompile?


The whole project is already compiled for 4.10.1 , but quite often people get error and need to recompile it for their version of engine.

UE Source:

Good Luck.

i must take time at the weekend to try this out
many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

thanks man thats Amazing.waiting for your car template.:wink:

Definitely gona check this out and crediting you

System Rebuild in 4.11 with Visual Studio 2015. May solve all issues with source requirements.

Build with Unreal Engine 4.11.0 source from release branch (17.1.16) and VS 2015 Community.

Tested with Unreal Engine 4.11 preview(18.1.16).

Result: ** DOESN’T WORK. Requires UE Source.**

What the hell. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Please tell me.

Changing status to require Unreal Engine source.

Too tired with this project.** Temporary hiatus** on new features development.

By the way I haven’t received any feedback from you guys. Did anyone encounter any problems or bug? If something is wrong please post it here or send me PM.

Thanks in advance.

i dl’d the project unpacked it, start no go re-compiled then go, i used ue4.10.2 vs2015

had a quick look, sorry didn’t get much time this weekend, my main issue which you might be able to help with is changing the project/game name. i have the same issue with the shooter demo i can add it to a named project but the compiled game is still called ShooterDemo i expect yours does the same.

apart from that it looks very interesting, i just need time to start pluging things together and getting some custom content working

I didn’t understand the first part but the project can be fully rebuild with VS2013/2015 and UE 4.7-4.11

Just tested the second part:

  1. Rename folder ( Rade -> YourName)
  2. Open Rade.uproject with notepad and find line “Name”: “Rade” -> “Name”: “YourName”
  3. Rename Rade.uproject to YourName.uproject
  4. Open Source folder and rename Rade folder, RadeTarget.cs and RadeEditor.Target.cs. Rade -> YourName
  5. Open Source/YourName/ and rename Rade.cpp and Rade.h to YourName.cpp and YourName.h
  6. Right Click YourName.uproject -> Generate Visual Studio Project Files.
  7. Open YourName.sln
  8. Find and Replace (Ctrl+Shift+F) RADE_API -> YOURNAME_API
  9. Find and Replace (Ctrl+Shift+F) Rade.h -> YourName.h
  10. Open YourName.h , YourName.cpp, YourNameTarget.cs , YourNameEditor.Target.cs YourName.Build.cs and rename itsn’t content from Rade -> YourName
  11. Build project.

If I didn’t mixup the order everything should work.

If you will have problems feel free to contact me.

Good Luck

ok thanks i’ll try that tomorrow

the first part was in answer to the others that couldn’t open/build the project

How did it go? This project seems really awesome, not sure why its not hyped or used more!