Radar Dot

Hey guys,
lets pretend we got a plane object with a basic radar material on it. (Dunno, some circles maybe)
How would you draw a dot on this material at position X Y?

I’m working on a radar, and it’s no problem at all. I just have no idea how i would paint dots at position X Y from the center on the “monitor screen” material.
How would you do it? Or shouldn’t it be done inside the material itself?

Thank you.

this might help U

Oh, i guess you misunderstood me.
I want a CRT Monitor ingame, and on the screen of this monitor (not on the player hud) i want the radar showing.

You can draw dot inside material

You might be able to obtain that effect with a sphere mask ( Just set the radius to something small. To drive the position of the point in the surface you can use a color parameter as a xyzw vector. Just ignore the z and w and use the red and green channels as the x,y to plot.

That’s awesome, thank you!
Any idea how i could add a dynamic amount of dots?

e/ Okay, figured out.
Used a canvas texture instead of your single dot solution, now i’m painting the dots on one texture and use that in the material