quixel vs substance

Hi all,
I am new to UE4 and looking into adding either quixel or substance into my work flow. Right now I a use 3ds max /vray. I am slowly making the move over to UE4.

What are people using more of Quixel or substance, what are each of there strength and weaknesses?


I bought both, but because of my legendary artistic skills i could not use them. But some person that actually can do more art than me told me that quixel is for people with artistic mind while substance is easier for those like me with technical minds. Both systems can do same things, they just have different workflow.

I like substance. I remeber seeing it for the first time i look way to complicated but now that i know it in out. it is awesome software. I like more makeing textures then real painting. but yea Nawrot is right quixel is more artistic. I would you cant paint it is all procedural in substance designer. But painter is one you could totaly try if you like painting on models almost same as quixel but more advanced i would say.

Substance, by far. It’s well made and the team are easily accessible. Between the two main programs (painter and designer) you can get it all done, and there’s nothing stopping you using scan data with it either as part of procedural materials or as part of Painter materials.

Quixel on the other hand has some nice features, but it’s horribly clunky as a slow photoshop bolt-on that takes over your entire screen whenever you make a change.

I have also both but i would recomend SUBSTANCE for 100% the workflow, the tools and the documentations are just amazing.
Also the support and the forums are much better than what quixel is offering.