Quixel To UE4 Roughness/Metalness Problem


I have just started using Quixel, I made a quick test crate finished all the texture maps and saved a copy as TGA. Everything works fine inside of the 3DO 3D renderer. I also set the export option for UE4. I import my crate which works fine, import my textures. I then go in the material to assign the textures, the albedo works, but the roughness metalness do not appear to do anything (I have my roughness in the alpha of the albedo, also tried assign it separately). The Normal map works but appears really light compared to the render in Quixel. I have checked quite a few tutorials of material creation in Unreal 4 but they are almost always creation of basic materials, do you have any good videos of an import of a model and UV textures? Any tips or ideas for this issue? (I don’t have pics for now as I am at work).


I reimported the materials and it started working, don’t know what happened there.