Quixel Bridge won't export and download assets in Ue5

Hello, I’m trying to use the new internal Quixel Bridge in UE5, but when I drag & drop an asset, nothing appen. The download is stuck in “Waiting” mode.
Thank you !


Same problem with Quixel Bridge materials.

In addition, downloading manually with the Download button then clicking Add once downloaded does nothing.


i download and install quixel bridge. for me now working correctly

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Okay, I found a solution. I just change the path to the local library inside the Internal bridge. Go to your profile–>Preference


Upon further investigation, it looks like the internal Quixel Bridge’s library was pointing to a non-existent path (I had moved my Documents folder to my D: drive, and Quixel Bridge was pointing to C:).

After changing it to a valid path (but different from the external Quixel Bridge’s library) it seems to be working now.

In the future, it may be best for the engine to check that the Quixel Bridge’s path is valid before allowing export of items. I can file a bug report if that’s the best way to go.


Yes, like you, I moved my Documents folder to an other drive

Reinstalling the bridge plugin from epic launcher worked out for me!