Quixel Bridge models don't have Lightmap UVs, and if generated, lightmass bake them black!

Hi, i created a new blank project to test this and all my generated UV for lights are being baked black.

I have 3 objects in my scene.

From Left to R, the first black cube is a cube generated form Modeling Mode, with generated Lightmap UV in index 1.

The second black object is a Quixel Bridge model, with generated UV (since they dont have light UV channels.)>

The third object is a created shape basic object, wich comes with the light UV channels.

What am I doing wrong?

With Patchtracing everything is nice.

Hi @Renanmgs did you found out how to deal with this problem? I have this problem too. I tried UE5 and 5.1… All quixel assets are Black after baking

Ambient occlusion related. See this thread: Pitch black shadows on megascans fixed! (one way to fix it) - #3 by DimplyPickle

Apparently the master material was supposed to have an AO texture input. But there aren’t any. So if you open the master material of the selected Quixel assets, you can see there is an AO slot but connected to a float value node of 0.0 by default.

Meaning the AO of the whole shaded area would be pitch black. Setting it to 1 will make the AO white, so the shaded area can receive light bounce.

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Thank you so much man, finally worked as expected!