Quixel Bridge integration in UE5 is broken


it appears that the Bridge Integration in UE5 is just broken:

1, When I specify exactly the same local assets path as in the external Bridge app, the integrated Bridge won’t find the assets that were already downloaded with the external Bridge.

2, The download and channel options are completely missing. How do I set up channel packing?!

3, Resolution levels are renamed to Low/Medium/High. Come on! We are not children, we understand numbers and knowing actual resolution gives us more information.

4, Once surface is imported into the project, the generated material instance often has no parent material assigned:

5, Despite new integrated Bridge not having any packing options, the surfaces come already prepacked in a “ORDp” format. Why?

When it’s integrated in the actual engine, why would you not pack the channels in order which honors the Unreal’s PBR material slot order?

I sort of understood (or rather tolerated) controversial channel order when Megascans were pretending to be engine agnostic, but now, when they are flat out integrated right in the engine, it just does not make any sense to pack the channels in an order which inevitably ends up with ugly crossed material node connections.

6, When you download the incorrect resolution (because resolutions were renamed to quality levels) and proceed to find the material in your local library, you can fix the artificially created mistake by just downloading the larger resolution from there:

You actually need to go back to home section and find the exact material (among the hundreds of materials) again to actually be able to download the proper resolution.

While most of the UE5 improvements are a step forward, this Bridge integration is a big step back, exaggerated with the fact that the external Bridge app just flat out doesn’t work with UE5.

I know UE5 is still EA, but please at least update the external Bridge app to support it until the integrated one reaches at least the most basic of usability standards.

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To add to that. With Nanite I want super high quality mesh with 4K textures.
But the new Bridge integration bundles texture size and mesh size…

Hi guys,

For assistance, you’ll need to write in to so one of my agents can help you. Be sure to include everything from this post and any other relevant data so we can help as best as practicable.

Quixel Community Support Lead

In 90%+ of the cases, the response is always “We may fix it sometime in unspecified future”. There are 1-2 year old bugs/issues that still haven’t been addressed. So it’s very difficult to have motivation to spend time putting together elaborate support requests.

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