Quixel Bridge assets very low quality with Nanite

I’ve been trying to get Nanite to work with the assets from Quixel bridge but the quality seems really subpar. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. I’ve tried turning nanite on/off on the assets and when I turn it off the asset still looks terrible but it shows it has 2 million polygons in the content browser. Once I enable Nanite, the content browser reports that it has 2000 polygons. I have the 8K textures and maps applied to the material.

Is this an issue with UE5 or are assets really just that low quality?

Did you select Nanite quality before downloading the asset in Bridge? Other than that, I would think maybe they are still working on processing their assets, or it could be a faulty one (might be worth reporting it to Quixel). I’ve come across the same problem with some of the assets, specifically the Nordic Beach ones. Also, the polygon count you see when you activate Nanite is for the proxy mesh and not the one Nanite is actually using.

It is interesting you are seeing this, when I go close to the rocks in the UE5 EA demo “Vallye of the Ancient” this is the same sort of low quality I see in the assets (only up close though)
From a distance and where they are probably supposed to be viewed from they look amazing… up close they look (as my son put it)… 90’s quality LOL.

And this was on a 3090RTX, i9 with 64Gb ram (and high speed M.2 drive)

I think there is probably a lot of optimization and quality improvements to happen yet as it is only the first EA release.

It’s a bit odd honestly. The promise of mega scans and photogrametry assets is much better detail. Combine that with nanite and things should be taking a leap forward in graphical quality and yet traditional assets from years ago look far crisper and better up close and far away.

At the moment it seems like we’re throwing all kinds of amazing technology to handle assets that really are just really badly optimized rather than being genuinely high quality.