Quicksand material, sinking towards center?

Hello, I’m trying to make a quicksand material that pans downward or ‘sinks’ for landscapes.

The quicksand sinks down into the center where the pillar is.

X seems to pan downwards properly, while Y doesn’t.

Here’s my setup using world align and panning in Z.

Any ideas on how to make the texture pan downwards on all sides?

Note: It’s possible to model+UV a quicksand pit, but we need a ton of irregular shaped ones.
Wanted to see if this much easier/quicker way with landscape+material is possible first.


You could use something like this]( to make sand flow depending on the surface normal, or just use a flow map](

Thanks. Used some of the ideas behind that raining link to make this.

And here’s the material in case anyone else needs a sinking material also.