Quick question about setting Hand meshes locations

I just wanted to know how to set the hands in vr to match with the action I am trying to do. Setting pickup actor positions is easy But this is kind of reverse thinking?
Example : Say I made hand poses for holding a door handle or lever in VR and I reached out to grab them, how do I set the vr hand position to match the grip on the world Actor if its parented to my motion controller and I want to pull lever or rotate hand to open door While my hand remains in the correct pose and position on the Interaction Im performing.

You can detach the hand, then attach it to the handle. You just need to setup the hand position in the handle class.

Yes I figured this out last night I used both attach component to component method
Then I also made a static mesh from one of my hand poses and used that in the actor as a hand ref: to get the location and rotation and used it as a target for setting the position of the grabbing motion controller hand. It worked really well.
But I want to constrain the rotation or movement location of the motion controller hand to what I need it to be without using a physics constraint.
EG: constrain the movement of the hand while button is held to x vector of the thing I grabbed and return to normal motion controller transform when released.