Quick house building tool

This is a blueprint-based house building system I am working on for my bachelor thesis. I personally think it turned out pretty neat, and it definitely helped me build 10km^2 of historical military camp, so I’m considering putting it up on the marketplace at some point to help other people build their own historical military camps! Or other things that need houses fast.

Here is a quick demo video of how it works right now:
The music in the video is The Sea and the Sky by Future Loop Foundation, I was listening to it while recording and didn’t realize I was also recording sound :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously it still has a few issues, and it needs a lot of optimizing before it’s releasable (like finding a good English word for “utstikker”), so if you guys have any suggestions I’d be happy to hear!

Other than that, do you think it looks interesting?

Looks really cool, and great idea. Can the doors, and windows be used, or will they just be props?

Does it do interiors and can you have a second floor?

The doors and windows are not currently functional, but I’m trying to find a way to make them work. I guess interiors will come after that.

The project I made this for did not have any buildings with more than one floor, but it should be easy to implement.

Looks great, having working interiors would sell it for me. Nice work.

Looks good and like something there is a market for. It would be excellent if you could do interiors and have flexibility on the roof (flat, single slope, etc) and maybe the foundation.