Quick, easy way to lower resolution of textures in game?

Hey everyone, I just have a simple question: how do I adjust texture quality in a packaged game? In the engine, you can easily adjust texture quality, and I’m assuming it lowers the max mipmap to achieve this.

Unreal Tournament 4 has the ability to lower texture quality in engine, how do I do this?

if you use the default Engine Scalability Settings in your graphics menu you can define the same things as you can in-editor, like texture quality etc.

Will i be able to do this in the actual game? Say, with a slider, or maybe just buttons?

I forgot to mention that I am working on mobile. I’ve tried every command in this thread here: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/31421/scalability-reference-does-not-apply-to-standalone.html with no success.