Questions regarding submitting my Environment scene to Marketplace

Hi all,

I have made a Sci-Fi environment with a complete scene and plan to put it up on Marketplace. I have a few questions if someone could please help?

  1. Some of the assets in my scene have been used at different scales in different areas. For example, a wall mounted unit or a pipe, used at 0.5 scale in 1 place, and at 1.3 or 1.5 at another. Is this ok or do I have to re-import it 2 different sizes to fit in the scale of 1 in both places?

  2. As I said, I have made a complete scene, with lights and effects that exhibits all the assets. Do I still have to lay all the assets side by side in a separate overview map?

Thanks in advance.


1.) I would just go with using only 1 mesh. If people are using your stuff it’s much easier to work with 1 mesh and scale this one up.

2.) Some time ago it was a requirement. However, I do not know if it still is. As a costumer it’s always nice to see what you are getting, so I’d include it.

Hey thanks for replying.

On the 2nd answer, I not only have a full assembled scene but also screenshots as well as a video of the whole scene. Won’t that be enough?

I’m mostly concerned about keeping so many things of so many sizes side by side… :confused:

As Order66 mentioned, it doesn’t look like that is a requirement anymore as I’ve seen a few packs that do not have that shot. But it wouldn’t hurt to include it if you can. =)

Hey SE_JonF, mate your signature just gave me a good example of what am I supposed to do :smiley:

Just saw your SciFi Hallways set on the marketplace and it has an overview map…

Well, seems like I’ll do it too :slight_smile: Thanks!

Btw, here’s what I have to offer:

Happy to help Shashank! I always love seeing more SciFi work. Best of luck with your submission! =)

Thanks, mate!