Questions regarding shipping game to other computers

Hi all,

I’ve created game in UE and want to make Windows installer for it (.msi file). Also I want to determine minimum OS and DirectX version that my game supports, but I am unsure how to do it:

I am using 4.9.2

  1. How to determine minimum required DirectX version?

  2. How to check what other dll’s I need to include into installer (apart from actuall build)? For example will I need to install VC redistributable packages? If so then which ones? The same goes with directx.

  3. How to determine minimal windows version? This is limited by directx compatibility right? If my game runs on DirectX10 or higher then all OS versions with at least direct10 will be OK?

  4. This may seem as stupid question but in which version 64 or 32 bit I should distribute my game? 32 is always better because anybody can run it right?

thanks for Your answers :wink:

Hey Buyaka,

You can easily find out the majority of your questions by searching through Project Settings. If you are using the Binary version of the engine, you can’t change as many aspects about your game. However, if you’re using the Source version of the engine, through GitHub, you’d be able to even change the minimum OS specifications.

By default, all of the platforms should be selected. You may want to go into your project and change the supported platforms to what you plan to push your project out to.

64 bit has really become the ‘standard’ of what people have. However, you could just as easily provide both versions of 32 and 64 bit Windows packages of your game. Just remember there are memory limitations on 32 bit, you may want to research that further and decide what you’d like to do.

Here is an older forum post regarding the dependencies you were questioning about. Hopefully it explains what you need in detail that’ll help you. I’m also including the packaging projects documentation as well.

Good luck!