Questions about virtual reality solution

Questions about virtual reality solution

Dear experts,
I built a 1 on 1 scale house on 3dsmax.

I want to convert this house to a complete Virtual Reality solution, So I want to navigate inside the house and discover it.

My questions are, Does the engine allowing me to:
1- Use a glass so I can see the house in a wearable glass instead of a monitor?
2- Control camera axis by turning my head?
3- Move inside the house by simply walking? (Without using a keyboard)
2- Add a camera streaming inside the engine? So, instead of showing a skybox, I will see real environment plus to my house inside of it?


UE4 is already integrated with the Oculus Rift:
The Oculus Rift is a VR headset that also has camera rotation tracking, the second version that’s coming out in July has position tracking as well.
For walking you are limited in options, position tracking is really only for simple head movement like bending down. If you want to walk around then you need to integrate other options like Kinect, or some other position tracking system. The limit though is that you have to have enough room to walk around which isn’t usually the case so it might be best to use a gamepad controller for now.
I’m not sure what you mean by the last question.

Thank you for your valuable answer my friend.
1- What is the difference between camera rotation tracking and the position tracking?
2- Concerning walking, lets ay i have a wide area of 500 square meter, I want o be able to navigate by walking, not by using a gamepad.
3- I want to see the real world plus to the virtual hoouse, not complete house and engine images.

If you have the skill, time and resources, yes, you could create do all of the above.

How is up to you.

One approach is mapping movement in a limited environment to an unlimited virtual enviroment. Through what boils down to sensory trickery the player is contained within the limited area but still able to move where ever they like in the unlimited virtual one.

Another is to use a setup where a person remains static, such as a treadmill, and their actions are mapped to virtual ones.

You kind find out more about these techniques by using google, checking our the Oculus Rift development sites etc.

  1. Currently only the rotation of your head is tracked, but not the position. So you can’t lean around corner for example
  2. For actual walking I think this is the only solution at this point:
  3. VR is still very new, Oculus Rift still in development. We are very far away from anything that would combine real and virtual world :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about walking in a large space like that. Motion capture studios might be able to do something like that—many cameras tracking body points, would require wearing tracking markers and lots of cameras/equipment, plus you would need to integrate the system into UE4 yourself. There might be a company that makes a system where you could put wireless electronic trackers instead of cameras, but I don’t know of any.

If you wanted a virtual house in a realistic environment, you would have to use photogrammetry:
–like 3D Scanning the environment and making a 3D model of it, you could then place the house in that environment.

That would be “Augmented-Reality” where essentially a virtual projection is placed over the real world. You would need hardware capable of that first, then we would be happy to see what could be done to make it compatible with UE4.