Questions about PBR texture

Hi guys sorry if this is a beginner question. I recently just started learning about PBR texture such as: Albedo, roughness map etc. My question is, how can I create those textures? Can I create PBR textures with software such as Gimp or Blender? Or do I have to purchase those advanced software like Ddo suites?
I did some research online, I couldn’t find any tutorial about creating them, I’d be very appreciate if any one can tell me more about the PBR textures.
Thank you!

You can absolutely do it all by hand, using Photoshop or Gimp. For example if you wanted to create some cracked earth, you’d go online and find a nice flat looking texture of cracked earth.

Open it in Photoshop/Gimp, crop it to a square and tweak it to be repeatable both X and Y.

From there duplicate your texture layer and try to produce a height map, starting from a grayscale version of your texture.

Using this online tool (which does a decent job) NormalMap-Online you can generate your online maps.

Then for your roughness you can use your heightmap (probably inverted and tweaked) or a completely different texture (scuffs marks etc. black and white).

At that point you will have most things required to get a decent PBR material.

Other software that could help though are CrazyBump and xNormal.

Thank you ! and sorry by typing FBR I meant PBR textures.
From those software I could get most of what I need such as: normal map, roughness and AO. But what about those like Albedo, or microsurface map? How can create those? Also, for instance, if I got all of those textures I need, do I just connect each one of them into the nodes inside of Unreal engine? Or do I have to combine all of them into one texture in photoshop?

Photoshop or Gimp can get you all you need. You will save time buying commercial software of course, that’s their selling point, you save time for money.

Here is one of the best tutorial on how to make the material from scratch

This article is so helpful, thank you !