Questions about Particle Effects (Flipbook)

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m currently creating some blood effects for my game and there are a few things that I can’t figure out. I hope you can tell me how to make this work :slight_smile:

  1. Flipbook Rotation Axis
    When I spawn the particle effect, I feel that it would look best if it has a random rotation when spawned. The only problem is that the flipbook animation plays from the wrong direction.
    The problem is that from the way UE4 rotates the particle, it looks like the blood is coming from the outside bursting inwards, but instead I want it focused on the inside, bursting to the outer direction.
    I’ve tried to flip the images inside the flipbook around, but that doesn’t change anything - it still looks like it burst from outside inwards. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. I’ve attached an image to show that.

  2. Flipbook animation seems to jump sometimes within the particle effect
    When I spawn multiple particle textures at once, one of them always seems to skip some of the later flipbook animation frames. Why is that and how do I avoid that?

  3. Spawn amount set to 1
    How do I set the spawned amount of the effect to 1? It seems no matter what I change, the minimum of spawned textures is always at least 2. How do I set it to only 1?

These are my questions, thank you so much if you can help me and have a great day!

Is there somebody who is working with particle effects and knows how to solve at least issue 1?

Hi Blue, Im not sure how to solve your issue but maybe in the latest particle tutorial series at Digital Tutors will awswer your question :slight_smile: goodluck!

  1. try messing around with pivot offset.
  2. if you have set the subimage index values correctly then i have no idea.
  3. you will probably wan’t to add to the burst list in the spawn module for that and set the spawn rate to 0.

1 this is because thats the way you rendered your flipbook.
2 Your timers are not correct so instead of ending in frame lets say 30 it ends in frame 33 which doesn’t exist so it loops to frame 3.
3 You have to spawn 0 and add a burst list of 1.

Share your texture to see if your render was ok.

I’ve figured the second and third question out by myself.
In case anyone else is having issues of particle effects not playing the flipbook in the correct order or playing it independently of when the particle appears, make sure you don’t use the flipbook inside the texture, but instead the SubUV function within the “required” tab and then adjust the frames with the SubImage Index.

Still one question remains, is there a way to tell the particle what axis to rotate around? On the flipbook texture, it seems to always center it at the middle, but I need the axis offset to be on the left / right side of the flipbook images.

Nop flibook pivot is always the center.