[Question] Whats the current state of the AI system?

Ive researched a bit on the task based AI system we get in Rocket, and i find it to be really cool, but im not sure if we should use it at this point.
Ive tried to recreate the ShooterGame behavour tree, but the editor lacks a lot of tools, i just cant recreate it, many things are missing.
Im currently working on an AI freelance project, and im doing it old school c++ only, I want to know if the behaviour tree system is actualy ready to be used or you recomend to wait untill its a bit more complete.
I know the behaviour trees dont have any documentation yet, but i think i can reverse engineer how they work from the ShooterGame sample and the header files.

Hey Victor,

Thanks for your question. What you described is a known issue, and the Behavior Tree is currently a work in progress. For now, you can follow the method described here:


and for more general Behavior Tree information, check this post:


Hope that helps!

Ben Halliday