Question: Unreal to OBS


I am currently working on setting up my first virtual production with unreal and HTC Vive pro set. I have been hard at work but reaching bit of a roadblock. I am Trying to combine my real world camera with my virtual camera (cinecam). The problem is however that i cannot seem to find a way to ge a feed from unreal to OBS on the same PC (Windows).

An SDI Connection isn’s an option for me. I have no budget for a capture card. I do have the Blackmagic Design - decklink mini recorder for my camera feed.

Things i have tried (I am a beginner so i am sorry if some of the terms don’t make sense):

a lot of clicking and googling to do with render targets and media player outputs ect… fBlah Media Output plugin. This uses tcp ports. From what i understand these have to do with your network. I have my doubts that this is an reliable connection and the second thing is… The tutorial doesn’t work. everything in unreal seems to be working but the feed doesn’t show up in OBS. Al lot of googling. I work for 2 full workdays on this but wont get any closer. mAybe there are some terms i don’t know yet. So now my question. How do i get my Virtual camera feed and real life camera feed into OBS? Preferred 2 separate layers for post production options. Is there a other simpler way?

2 main sources i have used till now: In depth Tutorial - Virtual Production with Unreal Engine and HTC Vive - YouTube Output Unreal Engine 4 to OBS - YouTube

I hope someone can help me. Sorry if i am unclear some were.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me,


Try this: OpenVR input plugin | OBS Forums

Its a plugin for OBS that shows a direct video feed straight from your HMD (via SteamVR/OpenVR). Sounds like you can set up 2 sources in OBS; one for your desktop and one for your HMD and then set a hotkey for switching between the two. The networking plugins that (it sounds like) youve been seeing are likely to pipe your OBS preview to a different PC on your LAN for performance reasons. I do something similar for recording sim racing footage.

I think the simplest way is window capture.

Another choice is the NDI plugin, you can get lots of information by googling NDI and UE4. The NDI way will have several frames delay, compared to window capture btw.