[Question] Scene Capture Cube issue

In the [Reflection project] here is a captured screen shot in the Editor


When I tried to create a 360 degree image [HDR] using a [Scene Capture Cube] & a [Cube Render Target]; I got this…

As you see the second image is missing most of the post process effects, moreover there is no emissive materials effect…
I don’t know whether it is [Cube Render Target] limitation issue OR I had missed something to tweak…

Best regards & Thanks for any help

My aim is to get a 360 degree image with full post process effects [just as with a camera shot] here is the result

I had tried with another project… which was better

It could be a limitation but the scene capture cube can usually capture a lot of stuff.

Have you checked the scene capture cube settings to see if everything is ON?


Thanks for your time…:slight_smile:
Sure; they are all ON except the Motion Blur … moreover; I had checked the [Engine Scalability Settings] and they were set to High

Can you handle epic settings? also resolution scale is low…

oh man you just made me discover littlstar. I tested a scene I’ve made with unreal on my iphone 5s and with the gyroscope it’s freaking cool to explore all around you! :slight_smile:

Resolution Scale is auto changeable depending on the selected setting; and YES I did tried the **Epic **settings; but got the same result…:frowning:

I’m glad you like it :slight_smile: …, that’s why I’m trying to get best results with this method [Scene Capture Cube]…this procedure will make my customer happy to see the design in a panoramic view [360 degrees] on all devices [PC, Laptop, Ipad, Iphone, etc… ] and forget to think about packaging projects for High end PC’s [which are not available for most people nowadays]

I wish we could raise the rendertarget resolution over 2048x2048 tho! Hopefully soon!

I’m about to give up… but thinking about a silly idea… I don’t know if an expert with photoshop can push an advice…:slight_smile:
With photoshop here is my try…
_Change the Image mode to 16bits/channel,
_Then Image > Adjustments > Exposure > Gamma Correction = 2.2
_Save as TIF
I know it is stupidity to think in this way… but here is what I’ve got…


I’ve done it. It’s pretty cool. Exactly like you did. I’ve uploaded my salk institute WIP on littlstar hehe!

Dunno if you can see it… it’s early w.i.p


Yep… I saw it; it seems like a residential project… good luck :slight_smile:
but it took about 5 minutes to load…!! I may guess it is a png format with large size; I forgot to tell in my last post (as a final step) to convert TIF to JPG, just to reduce file size with the same quality…

wait a minute; I also watched another image (exteriorHQpng) the one with a pool and date palms; I liked the Balcony glass material’s reflection… :slight_smile: can you please post something about it…

Another question; the lighting along the ceiling edge (above the Monkey picture) I like it…:slight_smile: Man; how did you create it; I need it :cool:
Best regards

I faked the reflections with a scenecapturecube too and in my glass material I blend the rendertargetcube with a glass color.

Thanks for quick reply…:slight_smile: I edited my last post with another question…^^^ :o

The light from the ceiling is just multiple point light with an adjusted source length and radius to look like a neon :


And my glass settings with the faked reflections. Generate the rendertargetcube texture from a scenecaptudecube (I disable capture every frame for performance)


Smart idea and HERE IS THE FIRST TRY

About the Glass faked reflection; I had tried your method before; but didn’t work properly for me… due to the (SceneCaptureCube) wrong position…

Can you please tell what is the right position for the (SceneCaptureCube) to get accurate Reflection…!!? How far from the Reflective surface ?

Best Regards & and many thanks for your time

Base value for refraction is 1. Glass should have 1-1.52 depending on view angle. Content Examples Sample Project for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Glass specular should be 0.5. Scale is from 0 to 1 so 10 isn’t even on right range.

specular 10 is the value in the default glass in the starter content. Also, when you use a higher refraction angle/fresnel you have that very ugly effect when you look at the glass at an angle like this :

So yea, it may not be physically correct but i’m trying to make it look half-decent with what I can hehe!

It’s usually trial and error. I may assign a different rendertargetcube to different windows depending where they are situated in the scene. In one of my scene I have 1 rendertargetcube 5 feet in front of my interior windows and another one for exterior which is situated about 15 feet away from my windows. I try to make it look good!