Question regarding the possibility of a lobby matchmaking system


I am new to UE4, have used the UDK and Unity before, and so far, I’ve been able to do a few things using blueprints ( my knowlede is limited on C++). I’ve been playing around and can make a simple game which works semi decent. Now after I’ve done some research on both the UE website and third party websites, I feel like there will be a wall once I reach the networking bridge. According to a few resources it seems that there is no support for multiple sessions per single dedicated server (correct me if I’m wrong). But would this imply that, for example, a MOBA style game would be very difficult with a dedicated server as a central connection location? Would this be possible at all with just blueprints? Ideally I’d want a matchmaking system that would pin multiple people of the same ranking against eachother.

Would anyone be as kind to point me to the right direction so I know whether this game I’m thinking of is feasible to create or not, and whether it would be better to jump over to my next project?

Thank you in advance,

Hi, only just started looking into this about 20 minutes ago so I really don’t know any more than you probably, but one thing I have got is that you can do a “create session”, which will make an instance of the game that users can join to, I think that this can then be done multiple times.
(OFC I see this was sent in January, but felt it may help anyone else finding this)

one session = one game instance