Question regarding landscape painting and material instance

Greetings i’m planning to use (Green and Gray Pack) and all of the materials are instances. So question is is there any way to call material instance inside Layer Blend so i can actually paint those instances on Landscape?

You can assign different materials per landscape component, but you’d probably rather turn those Gumroad materials into Material Layers and connect them in a single landscape material.

I was thinking to make material function for each one then call MakeMaterialAttributes for each instance… Do you think this will work?

That’s what I meant by Material Layer :slight_smile: Same setup and functionality as a typical Material Function, just uses a different name for added confusion from Epic. You can do the “Make Material Attributes” in each function/layer and set the function output to be the single Material Attributes, then in the landscape material you can utilize Epic’s pre-made Material Attributes blending functions for simplicity.

Figured out everything just can’t get Tesselation to work thru Functions :confused: … Is there any way?