[Question] Refresh Rate

So I’m working on an option menu for my game and I’m going through graphics options. I’ve got a lot of stuff sorted through the Scalability reference in the docs, but I can’t find anything about refresh rate of the screen (and, no, I don’t mean fps.)

I can refresh the list of available resolutions and rates with RHIGetAvailableResolutions. I can’t seem to find anywhere to actually use that refresh rate info, though.

IIRC, you could do something like setres 1280x720@60 in UDK, but the handler for this in UE4 only supports 1280x720f/w, no refresh rate option.

Anyone got any ideas?

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This is something very important to me, also - especially when AMD drivers currently default to 30Hz when using HDMI. Giving the user the ability to select a refresh rate is very useful.

Bumping this since for some reason it was never dealt with, I’m working on a monitor with a 144 refresh rate and when in game I can clearly see that the refresh rate is defaulting to 60 instead of what it should be. Would like an official response on this matter since it seems to have been ignored for so long.

You can use console command t.MaxFPS to handle fps in game, i dont know how to change display option form game. Do any one know even how to check for current display refresh rate?

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