[question] question towards Ik and self collision/penetration

hello guys while i do know so far which the big topics in unreal 5 so far are lumen and nanites, i have something which aways bugged me in unreal 4 and i would love to get adressed in unreal 5, which is the "self collision/penetration, it’s a issue which i would like to know if unreal want to adress in unreal 5.

since unreal ie going with the control rig and full body ik solver and it’s working to "interact with the “world” i want to know more when “interacti with self” or when interacting with others characters, i means the “adaptative animations” for exemple the classic “fat character” i have a walk animation with was made to work with a “non fat character” then instead of have to “edit the animation” to not penetrate in the character body due to being fat, if unreal is adressing it like this:

for games where you can edit characters in real time or for when a character is wearing “high heels” i can make the body “adapt” for the new angle feet or when the character is crossing arms it will work for different type of bodies insteand of create different type of animations for the character, any chance to have it adressed???, a way where using ik the animation will auto adapt to avoid self penetration and maybe in future stuffs like when you “sitting in a chair” you can do the same animation for different sizes of chairs.

currently looks like unity can already adress those stuffs then i would like to know if is on the unreal plans to also adress it and give us way to auto adjust any animation without need to create any new for those issues, like the same walk animation or idle animation can be used by any character as long they have the same bone structure and it not make any self penetration issue and stuffs like that.

i way to make the character mesh be able to collide with self and react to it in the same way it could react with objects in a realistic way and adapt to the body different forms.

also any plans to improve how physical collisions works? make it "more belieaveble, specially for stuffs like cloth or body physicis like gigles, because for exemple for cloths the capsule still a lot trick to work because the cloth sometimes can find ways to clip throught the character mesh because of the capsule editing limitations???

any plans to improve those aspects???