[QUESTION] Media Texture on Static Mesh

Has anyone had success with this? I’m trying to align a video file I made with my TV mesh. Every other video I’ve seen on this, they apply it to a BSP, which you can scale/ stretch the texture on it, to my understanding you can’t do this with meshes. So how do I get it to align. It seems the videos I HAVE seen just show it working on a tv, but with no tutorial or write up (go figure).

You can see my uvs, the red is the actual screen. I’ve tried messing around with texture coordinates with no luck.

I would approach this in one of two ways. First - use second uv channel or a separate material ID to map your video texture to the polygon that represents your screen. Second, use UV coordinate nodes to try and align your texture to the screen. As you can see, your current uv channel crops the video, because your media texture occupies 0-1 uv space and your current mapping occupies only part of that. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I already have a separate Mat ID for the screen, you can see it in the image above. I also created a separate set of UVs for it, and have 2 texture coordinate nodes to try and align it. Still no luck. I made the UV of the screen almost fill up the 2048 space. And also tried using a 720p video, and a 2048x2048 video.