Question: Is there a node that makes high values higher, and low values lower? (Mat Editor)

It’s a bit of noob question I suppose, but I’m self-taught so figured it couldn’t hurt to ask haha!

What do you want to achieve?
There is a lot of math functions for that.
Floor, Ceil, Clamp, Range.

Sounds like you want to use a Power node. Or the contrast node, if its more separation between values you’re after.

You can use a check for if the value is lower than or higher than. When higher. Multiply by a number. And when lower divide by a number

Valueout=((((valuein-lowin)*(lowout-highout))/(lowin-highin))+lowout). That will let you remap a range from a set input range to a set output range. Here is what the function looks like. I highly suggest you save it as a function because it comes in handy pretty often. Oh and on the input nodes that have constants attached to them, set the inputs to use the attached as a default value. You’ll also have to play around with the priorities to get them to list in the right order on the actual node it will make(circled in red). The sort priority order, from to top bottom, is 3,0,1,4,2 :


You can go from a range like 0-1 to something like 3-12, or vice versa if you’d like. Keep in mind that you’ll lose some “resolution” when mapping from a smaller range to a higher range.

Thanks! All of these suggestions worked great! I’ve used a few of these in a guessing game but a few google searches behind techinques of these nodes helped me understand what all they do. Which improves workflow speed of course. Thanks for the help again!