[Question] Is it bad to use Skeletal mesh over Static Mesh?

I have a c++ class of weapon, and i have the weapon as a SkeletalMesh .
So that means if i want to add another weapon the mesh has to be a SkeletalMesh or i can’t use the class.

Now i have 2 questions (kinda the same):

  1. Would it be bad to have all Weapons as SkeletalMesh? - One disadvantage that i can think of is that you have extra Assets in your project because a SkeletalMesh needs a Skeleton and a Physics Assets but i wonder would it have a disadvantage in performance?

  2. Would it be better to use StaticMesh for this?.


There may be some slight performance differences, but given the simplicity of the skeleton should make these differences negligible. If you look at the Infinity Blade assets available on the marketplace, they also use skeleton meshes. To keep from adding a new Skeleton and Physics asset for every weapon in the project, you could set all the weapons to use the same Skeleton Asset.

Sorry I cant give a more definitive answer, someone may know the impact of skeletal meshes better than I do.

Thanks for your comment :wink: