[Question] How to get the UV location in the UV space for a corresponding point on the 3D landscape

Hi all,

I am trying to find the UV coordinates for a point on the landscape. The user will click on the landscape in 3D and I want to change the texture in the vicinity of this click and hence I need the UV coordinates of the same. I am trying to do this using blueprints and material functions. Can anyone help me out with how to get started with this ?

Many thanks !


Sorry for the bump, but is there any other way I can achive dynamic texture update on a the landscape at specified location. Or something like this video which has obviously been done with blueprints. You can see a shockwave on the terrain at 0:23, how can I create something like that but just using textures ?

The UVs for layer textures are simply the local-space coordinates, simply transform your position into local space of the landscape.

The UVs for the heightmap and weightmap textures are non-trivial, due to component subsections sharing a texture and potentially multiple components sharing the same heightmap texture also. I don’t think you can alter these textures from blueprint, and I don’t think the data you need to calculate the UVs is available in blueprint either, so I won’t go into detail here.

I am right now doing a manual transformation to local coordinates of the landscape. If there’s an in built function I should probably look into it. Thanks !