Question: How do you delete 1 item out of an array?

Hi All

Lets say you have an array of 10 fighters, and one dies. How do you remove that one from the Array?

I am able to locate which number it is, just not sure how to remove it?

If I do remove it, do I have to rebuild the Array after so there is not a gap?



list of all nodes for array operations:

So either “Remove Item” or “Remove Index”, depending how you identify item to remove.

And do not worry blueprint arrays are only called arrays. I do not know its implementation i C++ but from how they work they are more lists than arrays.
So they are quite immune to bad programming. You do not need to worry about indexes sizes etc.

Ps. when you playing with arrays look into “Struct” ie. data structures in blueprints, its very easy concept and adds a lot to arrays.


you can remove item using Remove Item node

or if you have index then Remove Index

Sorted, Thanks


Thanks Again