[Question] How can I give my Marketplace asset for free?

Hi there, I need advice.

I made an editor plugin and I wanted to show it/give it to few people for free. More specifically, I want to give it to people who sells modular assets here on the unreal market.

I was looking for something like a gift certificate then I found it doesn’t exist, right?
If there is no gift certificate, than what is the right way to do it?

If I just give it, wouldn’t that be a problem with the licence? Can I give it for free but under marketplace terms?

I’m sorry maybe it’s a stupid question, but I never sold anything on the unreal marketplace (or any other online shop), so I don’t know how to handle it.

@scha You can email with the list of email addresses you want us to gift it to. We’ll be happy to help!

WellActually thank you very much!