[Question] Help with textures

Hello, for some reason I can’t get this working. I’m not sure if the engine doesn’t work as well with this, or how what’s going on. So I’ll just explain

I’m importing a texture onto an FBX file that I’ve had made, this is the material

Here’s what it comes out to look like

Not really sure how to fix this… It’s supposed to be transparent, but obviously it’s not working that way. Help would very much be appreciated. Thanks! :smiley:

“I’m importing a texture onto an FBX file that I’ve had made, this is the material”

what do you mean by an FBX file in this case?

You mean a mesh you imported from an FBX?

if you click in open space in the material editor and look at the materials panel to your left

look for lighting options

and change it to Transparent or Additive :slight_smile:

Then the Opacity Material Channel will be lit, and you can put in a value like 0.3 or 0.7 to get a semi-transparent material


It’s the alpha channel [Not showing] that’s making it look like that. When I go to the texture itself in the texture editor, and check “Alpha Channel” it shows the texture the way I want it… So I don’t know how to get that to work. When I do it the way you said it shows up like picture 2

Texture with Alpha

Picture 2


whoops, the first picture didn’t work out so great. Here it is:

#Connect Texture alpha to Opacity

Take the white box from your texture (in the material editor)

and plug it into the opacity material option

I presume your lighting is already set to transluscent


#Or Use Opacity Mask

Or you can use Masked lighting model and connect the alpha to Opacity Mask

as in this picture for my character’s Hair, which seems most similar to what you are wanting to do

Blah. I don’t have a specific Texture for the alpha material, also transparent isn’t an option on my list…

All I have is the full texture, Specular, and then a Normal.
I feel like such an idiot not being able to make these work, but I kinda have to have them. Thanks for your continued support Rama, you’re fantastic :smiley:

When you import textures and materials through the fbx file you get a basic, opaque material, so you’ll have to set blend mode manually and then plug the opacity map to opacity/opacity mask input.