[Question] Custom First Person Shooter Rig?


I was planning on releasing a weapon pack with animations and I have a question regarding the use of the Epic skeleton. I am aware you have to use the Epic skeleton for a humanoid third person character. But what about a first person perspective rig with only arms and weapons visible? I have tried finding information about this subject but I couldnt find any answears.

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Just use the existing rig and just use the appropiate bones for animation.

Oh sorry, I seem to have forgotten to mention that I have already animated the weapons with my own rig. Therefore I wonder if I can use it or if I have to switch!

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Don’t know if it would pass the marketplace guidelines.

But for convenience I would encourage you to use the Epic template as it makes using it much easier for the end-user :wink:

I think users would find it more easy to use and more compatible with their own projects if you used the rig in the first person example.

I never found the correct answer so still not working on our marketplace items for now

Could you not just rename your bones to match the Epic Rig … and then release yours to use the Epic Skeleton and release your animations with it? Win-Win. 8-}

Alright, thanks for the answers, I appreciate it! I will try to look into it more.

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In order to insure interoperability between all marketplace packs we do require first person animations to be rigged too the epic skeleton. Right now we do not provide a specific First-Person rig, but we will look into making one to improve marketplace ease-of-use. You would be fine to make it by simply chopping the Epic Skeleton off at the shoulders for now.


Harrison Moore

Hi Harrison!

Do you have any idea when an official FPS-rig will be available? If it´s going to take awhile we can finish the animations using the way you suggested. If that´s the case, could you be kind and provide us with a first person skeleton (based on the third person skeleton) the way you want it to be set up? If not, then we have the following questions:

According to Epics submission guidelines all objects should be facing the X-axis, if applicable, and the rig in the Epic skeleton template is not facing this direction. It doesn’t matter how we important it into Maya or Unreal 4. Did we misunderstand something?

Should we keep or remove the Ik_hand_root?

What should we do with the root-joint? It´s located under the shoulders and needs to be manipulated in some way.

Do you have other guidelines you need us to follow?

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