[Question] Can we use the Vive Controllers and Base Stations standalone?

Got a question for anyone who can care to answer this question of mine -
Can we use the Vive Motion Controllers and Base Stations Standalone?

So without a HMD connected to the PC. Would the Base Stations and the Motion Controllers still work with Unreal or the PC?

I am working on a project that requires motion controllers and the Vive Base stations.

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Nope, can’t even get past SteamVR

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

I guess I might have to look into a open source solution or something.

The wireless receiver for the controllers is inside the headset itself, so it’s not just the software that’s the problem, you would need to build your own receiver hardware and software in order for this to work. However you can use the USB connection on the controllers to send the data back to the computer, but you would probably need a custom software solution to read that data. A good place to start might be how developers have been able to get 3 controllers working to track their video camera for an AR overlay (like fantastic contraption did). At that point you have to weigh the labour costs of developing that solution versus the cost of just buying another headset.