Question about Xbox One / PS4 Development

hey guys
Does anyone know how i can test created content “for example a demo level” on a Xbox One / PS4 ? I mean is it generally possible ?
Would be interesting to see how big the difference between PC and Consoles “FPS” is…

to test a demo on an xbox one/ps4 you would need a devkit console from sony or Microsoft (you might need to speak to epic as well, not sure), I haven’t checked for the ps4 but to get a xbox one devkit you need to be a registered xbox developer, although last time I looked into it Microsoft were only letting games company’s with at least one shipped title to register, they might have changed it by now as that was a while ago.

Regarding this point you will need to have a custom licence to release anything on those platforms, @Adik you can find more info here:

This is indeed possible. You need to have an Unreal License, fill out the form for custom licensing, and then have a DevKit or a TestKit as well. I find PS4 performance to be more or less the same as my development PC which consists of a 2500k and an HD 7950.

Epic said that you dont need custom license, the 20$ a month one is valid. But you need to contact epic and show them that you have a devkit so they can give you access to the console code.

ouh ok cool, so there is definitly need to sign up for the xbox or ps indie project… i thought there is an easier way… ) I just read somewhere that the devkits are preinsalled on all consoles…
Any experience how long it takes to get approved by microsoft or sony ?

They wanted to enable consoles to be devkits, but they haven’t done that. They’re probably too busy with other things and I’m not sure that they’ll ever actually do it.

To get approved though you have to have a project ready to be started and be able to prove that your project is serious

The process is pretty long. Sony is a bit easier than Microsoft. You need to fill out the new developer registration form available on devnet. For Microsoft, they have the ID@Xbox program, but you have to have released at least 1 title. Both companies have some form of screening. The 20$ plan is valid for console developers (We’re an indie studio doing just that), but you still need a custom license (doesn’t cost anything additional) which can be obtained by filling out a console form, signing some agreements, and confirming your developers status.

If you’re looking for more info, check these two links:

I’m not sure why a moderator is spreading misinformation but that hasn’t been true since 2 or 3 months after the subscription version of UE4 launched. You can get access to the console stuff if you are a registered developer for those platforms while using the subscription version.

See the FAQ under “What if I need to build my game for console?”

Just to add a note: You must be physically located in US, Mexico, Central America, South America, or Canada get devkit for PlayStation.

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Not true, you just have to use the form according to your country. See:

I see, thanks for correcting me.